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Dexter T450 Express
30LB Washer
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Dexter T450 30LB Front Load Washer
Number Available: 23
2-4 Weeks
Model: T450 Express - 200G Force
Capacity: 30LB
Price: $3940.00
Power Requirements:  Multi-Phase (Single or 3 phase 208-240VAC)
  560 LBS
St. Louis, MO (63026)
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Money Boxes\Coin Boxes:
Available but not included. Money Boxes
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Stainless Steel! The Dexter T-450 Commercial Express Triple Load Washer has a dry weight capacity of 30 pounds (13.6 kg) and extracts water at a powerful 200-G's. This energy efficient meets CEE tier 1 specifications with DOE/Energy Star MEF of 1.84, and can cut your washer utility costs by as much as 60%. Money boxes are not included, but are available. Stop Button & 200 G-Force Extraction. Extracts water at a powerful 200-G's. Energy Star Certified.

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