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Jim B.
To: Tom Weinrich, President SEG
Subject: Re: Dryers from SEG
All dryers are on site now.  My local carrier threw me a curve by delivering only 4 on Thursday without telling me they did not yet have the 5th.  Friday AM they delivered the 5th.

Thanks for everything!  They are as advertised and a very good value.  I will recommend you to others.
Best Wishes...   Jim B.

Charlie E.
To: Tom Weinrich
Subject: Laundry Equipment

   Everything arrived in perfect condition, All washers and dryers have been installed and work GREAT.  It has been my pleasure to deal with you.  You will be hearing from me again very soon.

Charlie E.  Washboard Laundry

-----Original Message-----
From: Natalie M.
To: Tom Weinrich, President S.E.G.
Subject: RE: Maytag Commercial Washing Machine Coin Operated Washer

Wow, I can't believe this thing exists. I've been on a search for 4 weeks and no one has had any info on this model or anything. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. I sincerely thought no one would respond to my call for help, but you really came through for me. Wow. I'm just so surprised. Thanks again....just because you went out of your way to help me without actually expecting any payment.
Thanks again. Sincerely appreciated. Bless your heart. ~Natalie


From: Mark L.
Subject: Re: Washer Purchase

WOW,  You said great shape and that doesn't do them justice, Like NEW..   Thanks for all your help.  It's great that you have a technical staff that knows these Dexters inside and out.

Super happy customer



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