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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Shipping? Link to our shipping page We will ship anywhere that we can find a shipper to ship it.  Our equipment ships from the St. Louis Missouri Area. (House Springs 63051)

2. Sales Tax: Do you collect sales tax? Yes & NO. If you are out of the state of Missouri we do not collect sales tax on anything shipped and paid for out of the state.  If you are in the state of Missouri or come to pickup your equipment we are required to collect sales tax.

3. Can Coin Operated Equipment be converted to not use coin (OPL)? Yes most machines can be programmed or equipped with an OPL Kit. 

4. OPL = On Premises Laundry (None Coin Units)

5. What is Soft-mount? A soft mount machine does not require that it be bolted down.  Example: Top load washers and all dryers.

6. What is Hard-mount? A hard mount machine is any machine that requires that it be bolted down to a metal base or concrete.  Almost all front loaders are hard mount machines. Example: All Dexter washers.

7. Can gas dryers be converted between Natural Gas & Propane? Yes, Propane to Natural Gas and Natural Gas to Propane conversion kits are available for almost all dryers.

8. Does SEG take Credit Cards? No, Sorry we do not take credit cards. Due to the our low prices we do not have the margin available to pay 3% to the credit card companies. This saves you money.  We do except Bank Wire Transfers & Checks.  If you are picking up equipment the balance must be paid in cash. Payment Options

9. Why is this equipment available?  For many reasons laundry owners remove good equipment.  Some of our equipment comes from an equipment dealer and he keeps the latest Washers & Dryers in his laundry to use as a show room.  Others are laundry owners reequipping laundries for more capacity or just upgrading equipment. 

10. Will this equipment run in my home? Yes & No.  3 Phase machines will not run on household power.  Single phase machines will run in your home.  Check under power requirements to see what the machine will run on.  Note: Some of our machines are multiphase and they will also work in your home. You must follow all manufactures instructions when installing the machines.  Hard Mount washers must be bolted down to a concrete floor or metal base bolted to a concrete floor.  We can assist you in selecting the right machine for any situation. Contact us.

11. I'm looking for something specific can SEG help?  We do maintain a Wanted list and we will contact you when something meeting your specs becomes available.  If you don't see it on our web site please Contact us.

12. Do you Finance? We do not finance but we are willing to work with any finance or leasing company that you choose.  A couple of options are:

13. Why are the money boxes not included?  The money boxes are not included because the keys match the other machines and are used in the new machines to keep access simple.  Money boxes are available.

14. Is Gas or Electric more cost effective for my water heater and dryers?  Even with the higher gas prices gas is still more cost effective than electric for many reasons. 1. If you were to convert your dryers to electric you would also need to upgrade your electric service by 10 to 20 times its current size, and that will cost $$$$. 2. Even with propane at $2.50 a gallon it's cheaper per BTU.  3. Electric is slower drying requiring more dryers to get the same job done. 4. Gas will go down in the summer and electric will go up. 

15. How can I save on my utility bills?
Efficiency,   Efficiency, Efficiency! Can't say it to many times.
1. Water heater set to 120 degrees F MAX.
2. Get rid of those 25 year old water heaters and upgrade to something that is 97%+ efficient.  If it doesn't vent in PVC pipe it's not efficient enough.  Instant water heaters are NOT the answer.
3. Dryers. They need their makeup air.  If you starve them for makeup air they don't burn efficiently using more gas to dry.  Dryers require somewhere around 1.5 square foot of makeup air per stacked dryer.
4. Maintenance, Keep you water heater & dryers in tip top shape.   Keep those lint screens & vents clean. Lint screens should be cleaned EVERY day.
5. Get rid of the water guzzling top loaders and put in front loaders. Saves on water, sewer & hot water. That's a 3X savings.
6. High extract machines. Get the water out before they go into the dryers. (Dexter Express models are 200G Force! NOT "Up to" or "MAX" like the others.)

16. What are SEG's office hours?  For questions and sales information please call between 9AM & 6PM Central Time only. Any day of the week is fine.

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